apartments and commercial premises in Valencia


We are confident in the quality, so we give a guarantee for our work and fix our obligations in the contract. Technical and author supervision.

We strictly fix the deadlines

The terms of all stages of work are fixed in the contract. If we deviate from the deadlines, we pay you a late completion penalty.

Phased payment of works

You pay for our work in stages upon completion — this will allow you to verify the quality and plan a budget.

Repair without your participation

We will take care of all repairs, purchase materials and send photo and video reports on each stage. At the request of our clients, we install online cameras at the facilities to view the work in real time.

The company "OBRAMAGOS" is rapidly developing in the market for the renovation of apartments and commercial premises in Spain, in the Valencia region! The engineering staff has more than 30 years of experience in real estate construction and renovation.

Repair and decoration of premises in Valencia

The area of activity of “OBRAMAGOS” is major repairs and finishing of apartments in Valencia, as well as houses, hotels, offices, retail and other commercial premises, design of premises, technical and architectural supervision of construction work.

We will bring to life all your ideas for renovating and decorating your property. We combine modern finishing materials with quality work, and carry out turnkey projects. The professionalism and impressive practical experience of our specialists allow us to provide high-quality turnkey apartment renovations in Valencia at competitive prices in the shortest possible time.

About the quality of repairs and more

No matter how beautiful the finishing materials you choose for renovating your apartment, the quality of the repair and finishing work is very important. Poor quality work will ruin even the most beautiful material. Remember that cheap labor may cost you more in the long run.

Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten – Henry Ford once said.

Why choose us?

One of the main reasons why they prefer us is the quality of repairs and finishing of premises. Quality is not just empty words for us – according to the contract, the guarantee for OBRAMAGOS work is up to 3 years.

30 years of experience of our engineering staff, focus on high customer satisfaction, trust and feedback from our clients, experience in implementing projects for reconstruction, renovation and finishing of premises in Spain, in the Valencia region.

• Financial responsibility to our clients.

• Superb quality of finishing and craftsmanship.

• The projects that we have implemented are the best confirmation of our professionalism.

• Control of quality of work and consumption of materials.

• Work is completed on time and within the specified budget.

• The ability to quickly connect a specialist of the required profile to the work: electrician, plumber, loader, etc.

Our clients know that foremen and other company specialists are always in touch with them. Our company has everything for mutually beneficial cooperation: departure for measurements at a time convenient for the client, quick start of work, adherence to repair deadlines strictly according to the contract, delivery and lifting of material, it is possible to replace the team or specialist in agreement with the customer.

Our projects delight our customers for many years.

Repair and construction work, interior design and technical supervision for any budget. Free calculation of estimates for work and for rough materials.

Construction works:

houses, commercial facilities, swimming pools

Repair work:

houses, apartments, offices, hotels, commercial premises

Engineering works:

electrics, plumbing, ventilation, air conditioning

Technical and author supervision

for construction and installation work

Interior design:

houses, apartments, offices, hotels, commercial premises

Departure for a preliminary inspection of apartments, premises or buildings before purchase

Departure for inspection, consultation on the possibility of redevelopment and the estimated cost of repairing the apartment before the purchase of 250 euros. If our company eventually makes repairs, then these funds are credited as an advance payment for the work.

Professional apartment renovation in Spain for any budget


From 100 euros/m²


From 250 euros/m²


From 300 euros/m²

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and get a 5% discount on repairs

Photo reports of completed projects

Cosmetic repairs

Major repairs

Designer renovation

Our other projects for the construction and renovation of premises can be viewed on our social networks Instagram, Facebook, YouTube

Just 3 steps to the repair of your dreams


Leave a request on the website or contact us in a convenient way for you. Our specialist will make an estimate of the cost of work and materials at a convenient time at your facility, if necessary, he can sign a contract and fix the start date of work.

Repair work

We deliver construction materials and tools to your facility, carry out repair work according to the approved schedule and in compliance with technical standards. At the request of the customer, we produce photo and video recordings of the work performed.

Delivery of the object

We provide all the necessary documentation for the work performed, we make a full settlement with the client for all works and materials. We make the final photo and video shooting from this object. We thank the customer for their trust!

Answers to frequently asked questions

Should I control the progress of the work myself?

Only if you wish. For these purposes, a foreman with a construction education is assigned to each facility.

Do you work only with your own material?

Not obligatory. It all depends on the customer’s wishes. We can perform the work both from our own materials and from those provided by the client.

How can I pay for repairs?

We provide cash and non-cash payments.

How do I get a project design for FREE?

Our designers will make a project design for free when ordering repairs from our company.

Usually the cost of these works starts from 35 euros/m²

What kind of guarantee do you provide for work?

We have a real contract guarantee of up to 3 years for all the work we do.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, the company provides discounts for our regular customers, as well as a project design as a gift in case of ordering repairs from our company.

How do I decide how much and what kind of material will be required?

Our specialist will make a calculation and tell you how many finishing materials you need to purchase. The rough materials are included in our estimate. We will deliver all the necessary materials to your facility.

Can estimates change during the course of work?

Our specialists calculate all the works and materials as accurately as possible, which allows you to avoid changing the estimate. If desired by the customer, it is possible to change the estimate at any stage of the work (add or exclude any types of work)

Feedback from our customers

Авторемонт IVANOFF
Авторемонт IVANOFF
Отлично сработано, за такое качество не жалко платить деньги. Спасибо.
Виталий Такобаев
Виталий Такобаев
Спасибо Андрей! Капитальный ремонт 3х комнатной квартиры закончился в течение 2х договорных месяцев. Сроки и качество работ нам понравились. Ремонт прошёл без проблем и нервотрёпки. Квартира находится в г.Валенсия.
Galina Nesterenko
Galina Nesterenko
В конце 2022 года мы купили квартиру в Валенсии. Сразу возник вопрос о косметическом ремонте в кратчайшие сроки. По интернету нашли, что в городе работают и русскоязычные фирмы, одна из которых - под руководством Андрея Суслова. Обратились к нему и после согласования объёмов работ всё пошло как по волшебству - все работы по ремонту и установке новых устройств были выполнены быстро, аккуратно, качественно, чисто и красиво. Хотим поблагодарить от всей души лично руководителя фирмы и бригаду строителей Богдана Зинковича - исполнителей работ. Желаем им крепкого здоровья и больше заказчиков в наступающем 2023 году! Ещё раз - спасибо Вам, парни!
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